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Sleeping Alone 

I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. I won’t say I co-sleep, but I guess, unofficially, I do. I don’t care if other parents do or don’t. I don’t judge. After 7 of my own kids, sometimes complete exhaustion takes over. Those are “cookie dough for dinner” and “I don’t care where you sleep JUST SLEEP!” nights. 

Usually at least one falls asleep with me. But somehow I wake up with that one plus two more. Sometimes three. And after awhile, I noticed these extra bodies have taken over. 

But something crazy happened tonight: four wanted to sleep together… not with me. I have an entire queen size bed to myself. 

One might think I’d relish in my new found, or rather reclaimed space. But no… I’m scrunched to the very edge, in the fetal position, unsure about life and how to fall asleep. What if my back doesn’t hurt in the morning? What if I want to get used to this?? I think I better grab a baby in case I get any more crazy ideas. 

Sleep, or the Lack Thereof


Insomnia. Another joy of way-too-much- going-on-at-one-time. My alarm is supposed to go off in… Okay I can’t subtract minutes right now because I haven’t the mental capacity. But let’s just say it’s soon.

But the good news is, while I slept not so sleepfully in my hotel bed squished by little people, the little people DID sleep quite sleepfully (and yes, that’s a real word because I just added it to my phone’s dictionary).


So sweet 🙂 there’s nothing quite like listening to the peaceful slumbering sounds of those around you for a hundred hours while tossing and turning in wide eyed wakefulness.

It’s a good thing all I have to do today is move into a new house!