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Sunday Project Update

I visited my parents last week and my mom and I were able to finish my first project! Mainly, it was my mom, as I was suffering from a concussion all day (no joke). But it was a lot of fun and we intend to put our talents together to do more projects.

She helped me figure out some of my hiccups with my sewing machine. She did all the sewing on her very nice machine though (it made mine look like an easy bake oven).

The finished product? An essential oil sample carrying case!




Sunday Project

I bought a sewing machine. And a bunch of things to sew. In my head, my creations are beautiful masterpieces. Alas, that’s the only place they exist…

Once upon a time, when I was five, my mom taught me how to sew with just a good ole needle and thread. I made pillows and pillows and more pillows. It was fun and I remember the satisfaction of having created something all by myself.

Fast forward to today…

I had a few items in mind and pulled my shiny, new machine out of its box, along with a pretty piece of fabric and some heat bond cotton lining. Attaching the cotton to the fabric was easy enough – I can at least iron 😉

Then I sat down to figure out the machine. I realized immediately that thread was required. Oops. Duh. Quick-ish run to Michael’s.

Back to the machine. I bribed the 11 year old to watch the baby so I could “quickly” figure this out.

Ten thousand screw ups later and I sewed a crooked line! I was sooooo happy! Almost as happy as when I made a pillow 30 years ago.

I didn’t actually compete anything, but I semi figured out the machine without screaming and cursing and all that stuff I never do.

I even promised my eager-to-sew daughter how to use the machine once I learned first. Actually, she’d probably pick it up immediately!