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More Furry Logic


This little “parenting” book of humorous quotes by Jane Seabrook is great! I’m definitely buying it for myself as a Yay You Had Your Seventh Baby Four Months Ago! present. It’s in the cry room of our church, and I always flip to a great page:


Today’s logic:

The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention…
…is to sit down and look comfortable.

Truer words have never been spoken! Like my sweet, happy baby girl who suddenly decides that she is uncomfortable the moment I decide standing and holding her an hour has become uncomfortable for me. Or the rare Saturday morning I want to sleep just a little longer than the sun… say 7am? But three little boys get out of their beds and begin jumping into mine. And then on me. Hey, at least I feel loved! ♡♡♡


Flattery Gets You Everywhere!

Nothing like chirpy, happy kids to brighten a cold, rainy day. But even after a successful first night of the five and two year old in their new bunk bed, I must say the cake goes to my daughter for her flattery:

“You had me and that was sweet of you. Now you have someone to tell you I love you almost every day! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!”

Complex Minds

In case you have ever wondered whether children ponder the great mysteries of life, I am here to assure you that they do. Take my 8-year old son, for example. This morning we were on our way to church, driving along with little to no conversation. Suddenly, from the back of the car he asks, “Mommy, how big is Daddy’s head?”

Now while I could not stop laughing, I also was quite curious as to just how long he was wondering this, WHY he was wondering this, and what the whole thought process was behind such a question.

The Continuing Saga of What Kids Say

I’m sure every parent of more than one child, or a parent who has a child who has been around someone else’s child, has told said child, “Stop tattling.”  It’s a pretty common command in the parenting world.  I have a bunch of kids and they tattle on each other all the time, so I get to use this command quite frequently.

Sometimes parents have to call for back-up.  They tell the other parent what the child did and ask for reinforcement.  This is not called tattling… unless you are my 8-year old.

This morning, I called for reinforcement and the 8-year old said,”Hey!  If I can’t tattle, how come you can?”

I took a deep breath and walked down stairs and said to the hubby, “Do you KNOW what your son just said?!”

The Stuff Kids Say

On Sunday morning, I stood in my closet searching for something to wear to church.  In came the 4-year old.  She watched me put on a few tops and told me that each one was so pretty and to wear it.  But I continued to change, probably five times.  Finally, she noticed….

My nail polish!

I have had my toes painted the same deep coral color for months now.  But the night before I had painted my fingernails the same color.  It had caught her disapproving eye, and she let me know.

“Why are you wearing orange?  Orange is NOT a pretty color.  I mean, you can wear it if you want to, but you should wear red or pink.  Those are pretty colors.”  I swear, that is what she said… in one breath, word for word.  I turned and stared at her.  WHERE did she come from??  I even asked her this!

“Where did you come from?!”

“Um, EARTH!” she said in her most “duh, Mommy” voice possible.

The stuff kids say!

Kings and… Babies

“Babies are like the masters or the kings.  They whine, you feed them.  They whine you hold them.  They whine, you give them a pacifier.  They get everything they want!” – the 7 year old