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Making Memories aka Bad Planning

It’s been raining cats and dogs for a few weeks now. When the rain has stopped, it’s been so wet everywhere that I haven’t had the desire to take the little ones to the park. Of course, at my very late stage in pregnancy, I haven’t had the desire for a whole lot of activity period. But that’s not really the point.

My three year old was definitely showing signs of cabin fever. My fridge and pantry were void of most staple items. And all the five year old has wanted to do is zone out in front of the TV. Fortunately, baby has been happy just toddling around.

Yesterday I sat on the couch looking for indoor play areas nearby. I discussed joining the local Y with the hubby in case, you know, it never stopped raining. But finally today… sunshine! What began as a trip to Sonic to get gross food for the kids (don’t judge – I already said I had no real food), became an adventure for which I was not adequately prepared.

“Can we go to the park?” asked the five year old as we left Sonic.

“No, it’s a swamp. Maybe later.”

“Pleeeeeease. There’s probably lots of frogs,” he persisted.

“Oh I’m sure of that,” I agreed.  But I decided to at least check it out. “If it’s muddy and wet, we’re leaving,” I warned.

Of course it was both of these things. The little ditches were now rapidly flowing creeks. The boy was in heaven! The three year old and baby were happy to stay on the playscape for a hot five minutes until they discovered the lakes and rivers surrounding them. By this time, the five year old had reached the construction area where there was a huge lake with a concrete runoff, feeding into the ditches/rivers. He was finding tons of tadpoles!

At first I tried to walk around with the little two, careful not to get wet or muddy. But that didn’t last long. Then I tried to keep them at least mostly dry. That also didn’t last long. Then I tried to let baby just dip his little toes into the water. But pretty soon he was sitting in it.


Up above the creek, the other two had attracted some other kids (whose mommies probably weren’t too pleased). They were happily running on the narrow strip of concrete between the runoff and the lake, kicking up water and having the [wettest] time of their lives. After awhile, I took baby up top to better keep the three year old in arm’s reach. They were rolling in the water! Splashing, running, giggling with the kind of pure joy only a child has.

I let this continue for quite some time for two reasons: first, it was really adorable, and second, I couldn’t decide how we would get back into the car now that all three were soaked.

At last I had the brilliant idea to leave the car and walk home, change into dry clothes and walk back to the car, then quickly get to the school to pick up the ten and seven year old.

Yes. Brilliant.

I put baby into the little umbrella stroller, grabbed my purse, the three year old’s hand and walked the half mile home. On the way back, I’d walk them in the double jogger. Brilliant plan.

Never mind that the walk and heat were nearly labor inducing. We arrived home and I realized the double jogger was actually in my car. Nice.

Changed quickly. 20 minutes until school got out. Threw baby back into the stroller and tried to walk back the half mile to the car. Except the three year old, now very tired, would not walk. If you’ve ever had a three year old, you know that’s almost impossible to deal with. Especially with a nine month belly and a stroller that needs to be pushed. Sooooo I had no choice but to carry him. And my belly. Thank God for a helpful five year old who actually likes to push a stroller!  He pushed, and I walked as fast as I could with the child on my back (who strangely gained 20 pounds during the trek).

Long story short, we made it to the car and school in time. I didn’t go into labor, but the night’s still young and I’m not fully recovered from the adventure…

A Little of Everything

It’s December 24th (the day before Christmas, in case it slipped someone’s mind). In a week we’ll FINALLY move into our house and this gypsy life will be over. A few days after that, four of my six will go to school for the first time ever and my days of homeschooling will be over. A few months after that, we’ll welcome a seventh child.

These last few months have been a  whirlwind of change, emotions, thoughts and uncertainties. My heart is heavy with the thought of sending the kids off. My mind is weary from all the drama and strain of this move. And my body is once again changing with a growing baby inside. Taking each day, well, one day at a time has not been a phrase to live by, but just the reality of life right now.

There were so many things I wanted to do! I don’t think any of them happened… I didn’t even begin shopping for six kids, a hubby and family members until 9 pm last night!! Just one more gift to get…

And while thinking of everything and nothing, going in and out of stores with no list of gifts in mind, I suddenly remembered something very important!!

My red lipsticks are packed away.

So since I won’t be dressing up (beer gut phase and all) for the Christmas service, I CAN maybe, just maybe grab a gift selfishly for myself 🙂


Change Is in the Air

Life is full of big events. Changes that are difficult and those that we look forward to with arms wide open. Then there are the choices, both small and significant. Sometimes, the decisions seem more obvious than others. For example, homeschooling my children. While it was a big decision, it was an easy one for me to make.  My husband has always been for public school, but he supported my desire to home educate. Surprisingly, the more difficult choices along the way have been what curriculum is best and for what child.
Since making that decision years ago, three more kids have come into our world, and now another is on the way. My sixth pregnancy was a difficult one. For reasons I cannot explain, my hormones hit me hard and I suffered severe depression. I went through our day to the best of my ability, but it was a struggle. But, baby was born and the debilitating hormones vanished with the belly. Life continued to move on. More changes… a move still in process, seven months now! And we adapt, some days getting little done because the house needed to be shown. Weeks were broken up moving from place to place. But still, we adapted, the kids and I, taking each day and its struggle as it came. And then we found out baby seven was coming. My husband decided it would be best for the kids to go to public school in January. This was not a discussion, but his decision. My heart broke into pieces. I was filled with doubts in all areas. Did I ever think I could educate them all the way through high school? Sure, I know successful, well adjusted, happy kids who finished their educations at home. But that was them. This is me and mine. And what about their adjustment into school? Sure, they are strong, good kids who have adapted many times over, riding each wave as it came. But still, the ache in my heart is there and the mixture of emotions – relief, guilt, fear and anxiety. Suddenly school work doesn’t even seem important (don’t freak – we’re doing it). I want more time!!  More time to paint and make crafts. To have them help me with meals. To snuggle on the couches together, reading, playing, or just being together. Running around the empty parks (a perk of being a homeschooler), anything! Time is so precious, so short and fleeting. Regardless of where your kids are during the day, the reality is our time together with our children is only a small portion of their lives. But for a mama used to having her brood with her all day, everyday, that time seems to be slipping through the hour glass at an accelerated rate. What could I have done differently? Anything?? What can I do now? I look in their eyes and my heart is filled with such longing. Longing for more….