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One Week Old

Thank you for this beautiful blessing that joined six other miracles only last Tuesday. Though I had planned to celebrate two other children’s birthdays this week differently, thank you also for those children to celebrate. Thank you for all those who have taken care of us, and all who have prayed for us.


Today there are no pretty clothes,
Siblings smiling in perfect pose.
No up and down throughout the night,
Just a soft glow of the hospital light.
Today is absent of family’s arms
Your perfect skin and newborn charms.
Now you wear a band and IV line
As Mommy watches you with the time.
Today there is no comfy naptime bed,
Against mommy’s chest you sleep instead.
Far away are familiar sounds,
Replaced with the quiet nurse’s rounds.
Today Mommy waits and fever you fight,
Hopefully a battle won before the night
So peaceful rest might you know
Before back home again you go.


Slow down, Time,

You go too fast.

Stealing fleeting moments

And burying them in the past.

Slow down, Dear Children,

For quickly have you grown,

Skipping through the years, it seems,

Too soon will you leave home.

Be settled, Worried Heart,

Take each day as it sees fit to come,

Cherishing these precious times,

As to memories they succumb.

There, there, Aching Tears,

It’s the pain, the joy, cries and sorrows,

That truly are gifts to remember,

And the reason for Tomorrows.