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Since We Don’t Have a Boat…


Texas has received an enviable amount of rain these past however many looooong weeks. I’ve exhausted all the movie – watching I think we can handle, colored until my hands cramped and elbows ached, read books to the kids a hundred times over, and, well you get the idea.

The youngest three and I did get out a few weeks ago to the park for an unplanned adventure. But for the most part, we’ve been stuck indoors due to rain or playgrounds turned swamp grounds.

But after that last trek, I swore it would be the last of its kind. Well, I should know better than to swear off mud and rain puddles, or rain-made rivers and lakes, especially with a herd that’s 5/6 boys!

For the five year old, it only served to increase his appetite for frog catching. And the two beneath him, if they could talk, would have been equally as eager to get back and splash around in the rain water again.

So after school today, we all went to the park. The bigger four were frog catching while I tried, once again unsuccessfully, to keep the little two out of the water. It didn’t take long before I gave up and let them splash and run to their hearts’ content.



This time I was at least prepared with extra diapers, a frog catching bucket, and no where to rush to!



They have been happily playing with their new pets for the past few hours 🙂

The REAL Post – Deciphering the Language of a 3-Year Old

Forgive the previous attempt to post this… I am still figuring out how to blog from my phone 🙂

This morning my 3-year old was fixated on kids riding cyborgs. Over and over again he said, “those boys shouldn’t be riding cyborgs on the playground. We have to take them away.”

With two older brothers who love all things robots, Transformers and Legos, the fact that the word “cyborg” is in his vocabulary is only natural. However, I really was at a loss for a few minutes as to what he was trying to tell me.

Then he said, “Daddy rides a cyborg. But those boys shouldn’t ride them on the playground. We have to stop them.”

Then I remembered that a few days ago we had gone to the playground while my daughter was at soccer practice. We usually go while either she or her brother are practicing, but this time the playground was occupied by big kids on skateboards. I told my kids we would not able to play that day because of this. So I asked my 3-year old if he meant skateboards instead of cyborgs.

“Yes,” he said. But still he went on about those boys on their cyborgs!