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Family Pics!

I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long! I plan to start easing back into writing, as time permits. Until then, here are some proud mama pictures, taken by my good friend, Desiree. Enjoy!


Texas Winter

Winter in Texas is not snow covered lawns, ice encrusted tree branches and smoke curling from chimney tops. It’s a dry, crisp beauty. Chilly half the week then mid 60s and 70s the other half.

Here are a few pictures of our Texas winter thus far:









All pictures taken in the last few weeks.

A Story in Pictures

sisters youngOnce upon a time, there were five sisters.

5 girlsAs time went on, the sisters grew up to be beautiful young women.

Many men sought their hand in marriage… but that’s getting off subject.

5The youngest of the five grew to be quite lovely and glamorous…

While the older sister… well, umm, she had a bunch of kids.  Like seven, at last count.

1But she longed to be glamorous and beautiful too,

so she grabbed back her baby and tried to take a pretty picture…

But she was sadly out of practice and it was all quite awkward.

4Her attempts were uncomfortable… even for her baby.

3It just got worse…


wineI wish I could say the story had a happy ending and a

beautiful picture was finally captured, but alas, that was not the case.

But there was wine.  THE END!