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Texas Winters 

Happy Days

When life is chaotic and uncertain, it’s important to be thankful for the beautiful things (or people) we’re surrounded by. They are easy to overlook, especially in difficult times.

Deer in our backyard!

Turning boxes into forts 🙂

Peanut butter and jelly – yummy and fun!

Sister time, just missing one 💕

What do I say? I appreciate his love for bugs that I’ll never have!

And that love he’s passed on to his brothers…

Precious moments 💜

Nap time with Grandpa.

Eager helpers 👍

Flowers for Mommy

This is my adorable, full of personality, life and love five year old:


When he goes outside, he is guaranteed to find a flower, regardless of the weather, where we are, etc. And he brings it happily to me every time. But walks are extra special, as the opportunity to find flowers grows exponentially!


I can’t tell you how many flowers this little boy picked me during our two walks yesterday. Sadly, the flowers don’t last…. But as he pointed out just now, that’s why we need to take another walk, so he can “get more flowers for Mommy!”