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Four weeks?!


Where does time go?! Four weeks already? Technically, yesterday marked the date, but we were busy packing and cleaning before heading out for a week with family in the beautiful Hill Country. Baby’s first vacation!

I was a little nervous about coming because baby can still have long, wakeful nights, and my three year old has been difficult lately.

But so far we’ve had a nice dinner; kids are enjoying the pool, and my dad pulled out some very old family pictures for my sister and I to view.



Sweet, quiet nights filled with brand new you and me;
Soft, tender shadows of your head against my shoulder;
Gentle, peaceful movements with your every tiny breath;
Precious, fleeting moments of this time in motherhood…


Just when I thought all hope was lost and I would never sleep again…. Little baby gifted me on her three week birthday with SIX HOURS of unbroken sleep! It was amazing! So when bigger baby woke up at 6:30, I didn’t cry over another all – nighter. Instead, I put them both in the jogger and took a nice, early morning walk. It, too, was amazing 🙂




For the second time since birth, I brought home my beautiful, brand new baby girl from the hospital. After being admitted for a high fever, all test results came back this morning negative for bacterial infection. She is now at home among her family again, resting comfortably and fever-free.

My seven year old daughter, so happy to finally have a sister, has been very protective and loving. She packed a bag and had Daddy bring her to the hospital yesterday, where she stayed the night with us.


One Week Old

Thank you for this beautiful blessing that joined six other miracles only last Tuesday. Though I had planned to celebrate two other children’s birthdays this week differently, thank you also for those children to celebrate. Thank you for all those who have taken care of us, and all who have prayed for us.


Today there are no pretty clothes,
Siblings smiling in perfect pose.
No up and down throughout the night,
Just a soft glow of the hospital light.
Today is absent of family’s arms
Your perfect skin and newborn charms.
Now you wear a band and IV line
As Mommy watches you with the time.
Today there is no comfy naptime bed,
Against mommy’s chest you sleep instead.
Far away are familiar sounds,
Replaced with the quiet nurse’s rounds.
Today Mommy waits and fever you fight,
Hopefully a battle won before the night
So peaceful rest might you know
Before back home again you go.

Mommy’s on Vacation!

Okay, not really 🙂

Mommy had a baby. Her seventh baby, to be exact. And this time, instead of a home birth or a birth center birth, it was a planned hospital birth. So, a mini vacation! Except I’m desperately missing my other kiddos! I’d never survive a real childless vacation. I can’t even shop alone or I forget what to buy!

Sweet, tiny, snuggly baby girl joined the party yesterday. Her only sister, my seven year old, is on cloud nine. She’s been busily making pictures and cards for mommy and baby sister.