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The Stuff Kids Say

On Sunday morning, I stood in my closet searching for something to wear to church.  In came the 4-year old.  She watched me put on a few tops and told me that each one was so pretty and to wear it.  But I continued to change, probably five times.  Finally, she noticed….

My nail polish!

I have had my toes painted the same deep coral color for months now.  But the night before I had painted my fingernails the same color.  It had caught her disapproving eye, and she let me know.

“Why are you wearing orange?  Orange is NOT a pretty color.  I mean, you can wear it if you want to, but you should wear red or pink.  Those are pretty colors.”  I swear, that is what she said… in one breath, word for word.  I turned and stared at her.  WHERE did she come from??  I even asked her this!

“Where did you come from?!”

“Um, EARTH!” she said in her most “duh, Mommy” voice possible.

The stuff kids say!