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First Official Spring Break

This January, my school aged kids began attending public school for the first time. It’s been a slow and sometimes difficult transition. But one thing we’re used to is fun field trips!

For the kids’ first official spring break, my parents wanted to plan something extra special.

In the beautiful Texas Hill Country, they own a breathtaking piece of land. The kids are happy to roam the 80 acres, feed the fish, look out for deer and sit by or swim in the pool. But this was no ordinary trip! A little rain meant that Enchanted Rock will have to wait for another time.  But we had a lot of fun visiting the Nimitz Museum and learning about the World Wars. We toured LBJ ranch where my ten year old was in paradise asking his usual number of questions of the guides (they’re educated questions, so most of the guides were happy to answer).

After the younger four and I went back home, my mom and dad took the older two to the Houston Port Authority and the rodeo. ALL six kids came back beaming. The older four have already written a dozen thank you cards each, which I hope to get in the mail asap!