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A 3-Year Old, a Garbage Truck, and Naptime

I have a 3-year old boy who, like most boys, LOVES trucks, cars and trains.  He could stand up to his neck in a sea of cars and trucks and still not get his fill.  So of course, garbage day is an exciting day.  Where we live, we have garbage day two times a week where a separate truck collects for trash and recycling.  That’s four big trucks a week!

Today it was raining.  Everything and everyone is slower on rainy days… even the garbage man.   My son waited all morning for the trucks to come.  He went to the front yard and stood on the sidewalk, blankie in hand and thumb in mouth, waiting very patiently for a 3-year old.  He went to the back of the house and stood at the edge of our driveway and back road, along with the trash bin and the recycling box, and waited some more.  He was very sad that neither truck had come by lunch time.

As I got him ready for a nap, he wanted to check once more for the trucks (even though they can be heard coming from way down the street).  So we checked once more.  No trucks, so he went to bed.

Of course the recycling truck came after I put him in bed for a nap.  And of course he was still awake.  He yelled in a VERY excited voice when he heard it, “I hear it!  The garbage truck is here!  I want to get up!!”  I sighed… and I went in and got him out.  He ran very quickly down the stairs, had big brother open the garage door for him, and waited out by the bins as the truck came by.  Then he ran into the front yard and watched it go the other way.  He did not want to come inside after it was long gone… now he was waiting for the garbage truck!  He was very upset when he carried in the recycling bin and kept saying, “The truck hasn’t dumped the trash!”  I kept trying to explain that it had not come yet… it’s running late today… blah blah blah, all falling on deaf, 3-year old ears.  Finally, he came with me back up the stairs and into bed.

I closed his door, positive that the garbage truck would come a few minutes later….

About 20 minutes later the garbage did come… but I didn’t hear the 3-year old calling out for me.  He had fallen asleep.  I actually was sad for him that he missed it…

…I think when he wakes up, he will be sad too.