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When the Weather Gets “Cold” in Texas

Yesterday, on September 7, the temperature reached 103 degrees.  And while that may be hot no matter where you live, here it’s just another summer day.  But last night, a few gusts of wind blew, a little rain fell and this morning it is 65.

I was in the shower when the 4-year old came in squeeling and exclaimed with much excitement, “Mommy, it’s COLD outside!!!  I need my jacket with sparkly stars on it!!”  I promised to get it for her when I got out.  She left.  A few moments later she skipped back in and asked if we could put up the Christmas tree.  I told her not now… and she asked if we could when I got out of the shower.

“Christmas is not for another 3 months,” I said.  She was very upset and left the room to report this to her older brothers.  Then she came back in.

“How long is three months?”

“Well, first it has to be my birthday, then it has to be Thanksgiving.  Then it will be your birthday, Grandma’s birthday and THEN it will be Christmas.”  Kids seem to magically understand time when you attach their birthdays to events.  Anyway, she needed this repeated a few more times before she remembered the sequence.  Then she threw up her hands and said with great and loud displeasure that it would be FOREVER until Christmas.

I got out of the shower and she immediately wanted the sparkly jacket.  I compromised that a jumper with a light long-sleeved shirt underneath would be much better than her snow suit (okay, that’s a lie, we don’t have snow suits… and if it did snow, we would have nothing to wear so would probably just stay inside and watch it from the window).  She was happy with the outfit and for now has forgotten about the Christmas tree…