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Texas Winters 

Pre Christmas Fun

The weather has been GREAT! I hate the cold, so a December full of 70 degree weather is a good month 🙂

My six year old was bummed when he couldn’t go swimming.  He simply didn’t believe that it would be an unpleasant and  cold experience. Although, later in the day, I did allow him to get in the pool – you know, to prove my point; )  He wasn’t in very long before realizing that while the air was warm, the water was not.


We had a contest to see who could best pull off a brown wig.  Some members don’t want to be pictured, so here’s a few of us:


Baby took her first bites of food from her dear grandfather ♡♡♡


And finally, my sister dug up an old picture of my now eight year old daughter in her Christmas dress many years ago. She had a runny nose that winter, and the camera caught her in mid wipe at just the right moment….


Handmade Christmas Gifts


We love coloring, if that’s not already obvious ♡ We found a very neat etsy shop by the talented Maike Geller. Her prints are reasonably priced and available for immediate download, printing and coloring fun!


She has letters, floral designs, Christmas pieces and more.  Check her out!


We decided to download a few letters for some family members, as well as a bouquet for my parents. We purchased simple, white frames from Michael’s craft store. These gifts were inexpensive, enjoyable to create, and, of course, personal!




Homemade Christmas Cards





After coloring our icons of the Mother of God and Christ and the Nativity scene, we scanned the images and had them printed as photos. We bought gold, calligraphy pens to write Christmas greetings on the back of each card.

Merry Christmas!

Cooperation before opening presents? No way!

Who am I kidding though? It would take a host of professionals to get that perfect picture. But I think these types of family pictures say it all. Chaos and happiness!!


A Little of Everything

It’s December 24th (the day before Christmas, in case it slipped someone’s mind). In a week we’ll FINALLY move into our house and this gypsy life will be over. A few days after that, four of my six will go to school for the first time ever and my days of homeschooling will be over. A few months after that, we’ll welcome a seventh child.

These last few months have been a  whirlwind of change, emotions, thoughts and uncertainties. My heart is heavy with the thought of sending the kids off. My mind is weary from all the drama and strain of this move. And my body is once again changing with a growing baby inside. Taking each day, well, one day at a time has not been a phrase to live by, but just the reality of life right now.

There were so many things I wanted to do! I don’t think any of them happened… I didn’t even begin shopping for six kids, a hubby and family members until 9 pm last night!! Just one more gift to get…

And while thinking of everything and nothing, going in and out of stores with no list of gifts in mind, I suddenly remembered something very important!!

My red lipsticks are packed away.

So since I won’t be dressing up (beer gut phase and all) for the Christmas service, I CAN maybe, just maybe grab a gift selfishly for myself 🙂


Sugar and Spice vs. The Puppy Dog Tails

My 5 and 3-year old were up before everyone else, as usual.  They happily bounced about the house with their Christmas presents as I sat playing on my iPad and Grandma made breakfast.  My 5-year old received an adorable put-together-yourself-in-a-variety-of-ways mansion for about 10 accompanying small, rubber farm animals.  She was having fun arranging the houses and the animals.

Meanwhile, the 3-year old ran around with his big brother’s Captain America, being as loud as possible.

“Grandma, look!” my daughter squealed happily, after completing the first construction.  Grandma obligingly went to see her creation.

“I love it!” she said.  A few minutes passed and reconfigurations were made to the animal fortresses.

“Grandma, now look!” Again, she  went and looked  and told her it was beautiful and amazing.  This happened a few more times, and each time, Grandma looked and praised with the same enthusiasm.

All this time, the 3-year old had been running back and forth, seemingly unaware of anything else around him.

Then suddenly, “Grandma, LOOK!!!”  he yelled.  And being the good grandma that she is, she went to her grandson.

“Look, Grandma.  I have blood!”  And he showed her a tiny speck on his finger, of which he was quite proud.

When the Weather Gets “Cold” in Texas

Yesterday, on September 7, the temperature reached 103 degrees.  And while that may be hot no matter where you live, here it’s just another summer day.  But last night, a few gusts of wind blew, a little rain fell and this morning it is 65.

I was in the shower when the 4-year old came in squeeling and exclaimed with much excitement, “Mommy, it’s COLD outside!!!  I need my jacket with sparkly stars on it!!”  I promised to get it for her when I got out.  She left.  A few moments later she skipped back in and asked if we could put up the Christmas tree.  I told her not now… and she asked if we could when I got out of the shower.

“Christmas is not for another 3 months,” I said.  She was very upset and left the room to report this to her older brothers.  Then she came back in.

“How long is three months?”

“Well, first it has to be my birthday, then it has to be Thanksgiving.  Then it will be your birthday, Grandma’s birthday and THEN it will be Christmas.”  Kids seem to magically understand time when you attach their birthdays to events.  Anyway, she needed this repeated a few more times before she remembered the sequence.  Then she threw up her hands and said with great and loud displeasure that it would be FOREVER until Christmas.

I got out of the shower and she immediately wanted the sparkly jacket.  I compromised that a jumper with a light long-sleeved shirt underneath would be much better than her snow suit (okay, that’s a lie, we don’t have snow suits… and if it did snow, we would have nothing to wear so would probably just stay inside and watch it from the window).  She was happy with the outfit and for now has forgotten about the Christmas tree…