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For the Love of Blankie

My children have all had blankies.  My oldest two have traded their blankie days for other things, but my almost 5-year old, 3-year old and infant all still love their blankies.  To lose a blankie is a terrible thing…

The following conversation just took place.

The 4-year old, as she skipped through the house in her ballet slipper embossed dress, asked: “Where is my Blankie?”

No answer.

“Why does no one care about my Blankie?”

She spotted a corner of  Blankie underneath the 8-year old, sitting beside Daddy who was playing an intense video game.  She grabbed the corner and tugged at it.  The 8-year old and Daddy did not move.  They did not notice.  More tugging ensued, and finally I intervened.

“You are sitting on Blankie,” I said.  Some scooching took place and Blankie was retrieved.

“No one will ever love your Blankie as much as you do,” Daddy told our sweet, twirling daughter who danced around happily, now reunited with Blankie.

“That’s not true,” I said, “I love Blankie because SHE loves Blankie.”

“And my Blankie gives me chocolate!”  The 4-year old insisted.

“That is just not true!”  Daddy said jokingly.

I interjected.  “You don’t know!  Blankie may sprinkle her with yummy chocolate dreams, for all we know.”

“Impossible!”  Daddy continued.

“You don’t know anything about my Blankie!  My Blankie loves me and she gives me chocolate!”  She said, still twirling with it around the room.

“Nope, not possible!”

“My Blankie is NOT listening to you!”  She said and skipped away.