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Mommy’s on Vacation!

Okay, not really 🙂

Mommy had a baby. Her seventh baby, to be exact. And this time, instead of a home birth or a birth center birth, it was a planned hospital birth. So, a mini vacation! Except I’m desperately missing my other kiddos! I’d never survive a real childless vacation. I can’t even shop alone or I forget what to buy!

Sweet, tiny, snuggly baby girl joined the party yesterday. Her only sister, my seven year old, is on cloud nine. She’s been busily making pictures and cards for mommy and baby sister.


Prepared – A First for Me

Today is my last doctor appointment before baby arrives. If you’ve read any of my previous posts about office visits, store trips, etc., you know my struggle!

This morning I was a little early for my appointment (another first), so I ran into Target to see what I could grab to hopefully hold the attention and keep the peace while waiting for the doctor this morning. Here’s hoping my loot from the dollar section (of which I’ve also previously blogged my great love for) helps!