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Big Brother

This act of sweet brotherly love comes on the heels of missile-sporting cows and armed frogs.

My little boy, who just last year was the baby, is now a big brother (if only slightly) to his almost 9 month old sister. Tonight, in what I thought was an act of helpfulness as I prepared to diaper baby, he retrieved a diaper from the drawer.  I said “thank you,” as I tried to take it from him. But he quickly tucked it under his arm where he also had his sister’s doll. In his budding two year old language, he said, “No. Mine. Noura.” How sweet – the doll seems to share its owner’s name. And with that, he plopped onto the floor. He carefully watched as I diapered real baby and then proceeded to diaper his baby ♡


Beach Baby

This past weekend, we took baby to Florida for a friend’s wedding. We had to leave the six other kids with friends and family. Baby had a great time! I wanted to post a few pictures from our little getaway. Enjoy!






Saying Goodbye to Mom

Today starts a new normal as the kids and I waved goodbye to Mom/Grandma. She is always such a God send when I have a new baby, giving of herself tirelessly.

She arrived Tuesday, a little over two weeks ago, for the birth of my seventh child. Since then, she took care of the other kids, cooked every meal, cleaned, took them to the parks, library, pool, splash playground and ran various errands for the family.

While I have a beautiful new baby girl to love forever, there is an empty feeling now that my mom has left.

Thank you, Mommy, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our family!

Thank you, Daddy for your visits, hanging out with the older boys and taking them on cool trips! My kids are so blessed to have you both in their lives!  And thank you, Dad, for lending us Mom 😉

Here is my daughter’s thank you card:


Prepared – A First for Me

Today is my last doctor appointment before baby arrives. If you’ve read any of my previous posts about office visits, store trips, etc., you know my struggle!

This morning I was a little early for my appointment (another first), so I ran into Target to see what I could grab to hopefully hold the attention and keep the peace while waiting for the doctor this morning. Here’s hoping my loot from the dollar section (of which I’ve also previously blogged my great love for) helps!


Ignorance is Bliss

A few weeks ago, I sat outside with my 6 month old, enjoying the warm sun after church.  After some time, my 6-year old daughter and two of her friends came up to smile and play with the baby.  He is a particularly smiley baby, and therefore attracts a lot of attention.

“Look!”  said one of the little girls, “he has freckles on his head!”  She rubbed his head and smiled and made baby noises at him.  My baby grinned proudly.

“Awww,” said the other little girl, “how cute!  Freckles!”  She, too, gave his fuzzy head a rub and smiled at him.

Finally, my daughter said, “No, that’s just cradle cap.  And it’s gross.”


When Daddy Puts the Kids to Bed

In our house, I usually put the kids to bed.  It is a routine.  There are baths to be had, pajamas to be put on, prayers to be said, and songs to be sung.  With six kiddos, this ritual can take a bit of time, and quite frankly,  I’m exhausted by the end!

Tonight happened to mark a rare occurrence when Daddy did the bedtime duty (to be fair, he took me out to dinner and things were a little “off” as a result).  I had to nurse the upset two month old and it was already late.  The two year old was saying over and over, “Uh bobble (translation: “Give me a bottle!”).  It is as the bottle is being prepared and handed to said two year old that we, as the parents, realize he actually is capable of more words: “I need my bobble!”  he said clearly.  So he got his bottle and was happy.  The other kids ran around the house making noise at an unbearable decibel.

“Can you please get them ready for bed?”  I asked hubby, as I began to nurse the now very upset two month old.  He agreed.  Not more than two minutes later, he came jumping down the stairs.

“What happened?”  I asked.  He said he put the two year old to bed.

“What about the four year old?”

“He knows where his bed is!”  He replied proudly.

“What about prayers?  What about the rest of them??”

“They know where the Lord is!” he said jokingly.  But he did go back up, with a little less skip in his step…

He went into the nine and twelve year olds’ room … “OH GEEZ!  Oh my GOSH!  No, no, nooooo…. just throw that in a basket!”  There was some protesting about Legos and keeping certain constructions and sets together.  “No, GEEZ!  You have so many!  Just throw them in there!!”

Thirty seconds later:  The fastest Lord’s Prayer I have ever heard.

Thirty more seconds… hubby skipped happily down the stairs, and all was quiet upstairs.

“Are you ready to watch a movie?”  he asked.

Sheesh… I’m doing something wrong!


The Icing on the Cake

Let’s face it:  We all love dessert.  Dessert after finishing all of our broccoli is great.  Dessert for no reason is AWESOME.  But what about dessert to deliver news?

I decided a nice, homemade-with-lots-of-love cake would be the best way to tell my husband some very big news.  After all, when I planned to tell him we are expecting our sixth child, I didn’t want him to faint or die or run away!  So  for this newest bundle, I needed something extra special.

The kids knew I was making a cake for Daddy.  They didn’t know why – his birthday was two months ago.  They were curious why I was getting a “6” candle and why I needed baby pink frosting (Stores don’t carry baby blue, I discovered, but that’s okay.  I have big hopes that this will be another daughter to keep company the only other daughter in the house.).  So they watched me make the cake and frost it with the pink frosting.  They watched me assemble little baby carriages around it and put the candle in the center.  I had wanted little plastic crawling babies, but was unable to find any without going to a craft store.  Sigh.  That would have made things much easier.  Anyway, Daddy did not come home until very late, so the kids sadly had to go to bed without any cake.  I waited up for hubby.  I called him impatiently and finally he came home.

He saw something in the microwave and I casually said, “Oh, I baked you a cake.”  He opened the microwave and looked at the cake, quite confused.

“I don’t get it… the 5-year old doesn’t turn 6 for awhile…”  He kept staring at it.  “Do you think I act like I’m six?”  I burst out laughing.

“Of course!  But that’s not what the cake is for.”

“I don’t get it…”

I sighed.  I thought for sure pink frosting  and baby carriages would be a hint.  Obviously not.  “What are these?”  I asked picking up a baby carriage.

“I don’t know…”

Grr.  “They are baby carriages!”

“Okay.”  Still a blank stare!

“Really??  You don’t have any guess at all??!  Okay, we have five kids.  If we had one more, we would have….?”

“Wait.  No.  Really?  Wait.  No.  Are you telling me you’re….”

“Pregnant, yes.  With number six, hence the candle.”

“Wait.  No.  Really??  Are you serious?”  A long pause.  “Okay.  Cool!”

WOW!  That easy!  And to think I could have saved myself so much conversation had I only baked cakes the last five times!

Here is my cake:  Please don’t be harsh.  I am neither a cake decorator nor a great photographer.

pregnant with number 6