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Tooth Fairy, Episode 3

For all my tooth-losing children, I am still the tooth fairy (the 2 year old maniac who has lost a tooth already as the result of a floor-face collision, doesn’t really count yet).  My identity, for now, remains hidden behind their beautiful innocence and trust.  The 10 year old has questioned my, I mean her, existence a few times, but believes me when I reassure him that she is, in fact, very real.  The 7 year old is still a happy believer, and even claims to have seen her flying quickly out of his room before (you should hear the description on that one – PRICELESS!).

Now, to be completely honest, I have no idea why they believe in the tooth fairy and why they even like her.  In my house, she sucks.  She has never remembered a tooth left for her until the poor kid in question came to her (me) in the morning and sadly pointed out that the tooth fairy had forgotten him.  What a jerk, that tooth fairy.  However, still having some wit left in me, I can usually come up with something fairly clever such as, “Maybe she is on Hawaii time,” or “Maybe lots of little kids lost teeth yesterday, and she is just a little backed up right now… check after breakfast.”  Sweet kids.  Fall for it every time.

The latest incident happened at Grandpa and Grandma’s house over Mother’s Day weekend.  7 year old lost a tooth.  I told him to put it in his pocket.  That was the last that I remember about the tooth.  Two days later, 7 year old asks if I accidentally washed his tooth that was in his pants when we came home and I did laundry.  STILL drawing a blank.  Hubby had to remind me.  It was still a little vague (man I hate to think of my memory ten years from now).  Finally, I was able to pull a fuzzy memory from the back of my worn out brain… I recall him putting it in his pocket.  But where it went after that, what I did with it, and all of the other important details, gone.  No clue.

So back to him asking me if it was washed… searching my brain… nothing good comes back so I offer this to him:  “Why don’t you write the tooth fairy a letter telling her that you lost your tooth while out of town, and then you lost it again.”

I thought it was a great suggestion.  Get some creative writing time in, AND solve the mommy-disguised-as-tooth-fairy-but-really-sucks-at-it thing.

“Nah, I don’t want to ask her for money… she might thing I’m being rude or greedy.”  Awww… a moment that made me proud.

“Okay… well you don’t have to ask for money.  Just tell her you lost it and that’s it.”

“Nah… that’s okay.”

A) I’m losing credibility.

B) He read my mind about the whole writing assignment thing…