Welcome to my very first attempt to make something exciting out of my day by following the trend and blogging about it!  I am a stay at home mommy to seven kids: five crazy boys and a girl who is very happy to have a new baby sister!  I love my kids and they drive me nuts all at the same time.  I have a beautiful garden where I go for peace during my crazy day (okay, that’s a lie… I don’t have a beautiful garden).  I am a master chef who is not afraid to admit I rarely cook.  I used to be articulate and wordy and smart and all that good stuff, but I am selfless and gave away a little of my genius to each kid I had.  Now I’m all that’s left of me.  Maybe that’s why I find myself laughing all the time at the crap my kids come up with – maybe if I was still functioning at full capacity it wouldn’t be as funny.  Either way, this blog is for me… and maybe a few other moms who know where I’m coming from and will get a kick out some of the stuff kids say and do.


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