Name Calling for Adults

It’s official, or officially being recognized again by yours truly: instead of progression, we’ve entered regression.

A few years back, I blogged about how “language” and its acceptance into the dictionaries, had taken us back to ancient Egypt and the time of hieroglyphs. Now I present: name calling for adults.

If any of you took debate way back in the day, you might recall a few simple rules, one of which was: never directly attack your opponent with name calling. Responding with, “You’re a butthead!” when they argue for or against the use of chlorofluorocarbons, is both ineffective and juvenile. Your opponent may very well be a giant butthead, but by pointing this out instead of how CFCs destroy the ozone, you lost the debate due to lack of evidence AND you succeeded in also becoming a giant butthead.

Name calling, in my opinion, is more like something you do when you’ve run out of things to say.  It is designed to be offensive and perhaps silencing, all while masking your inability to continue the argument intelligently in your favor.

This whole “She’s a Karen,” or “He’s a boomer, Chad, anti-science, racist, transphobic, religious zealot, fill in the blank,” is driving me nuts. Everyone now seems to have a label in order to explain to the world why they are or should be disliked. It’s not only obnoxious to see someone express their views and be called a name, it is ridiculously juvenile! What has been proved by ridiculing another person in this way? Other than regressing into a complete child? Start talking infuriating logic to a kid and they’ll likely get so frustrated that they finally yell out, “Oh yeah? Well you’re a fart face!!” This is the madness sweeping among otherwise intelligent adults.

Respectful debating has been replaced with insult hurling. Intellectual sentence structure has been reduced to name calling.

We all need to take a step back and follow the advice we give our children, because at this rate, they are more like adults than those raising them. At least they can make the claim of not knowing better!

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