Monthly Archives: September 2018

They Learn Young

Anyone with a toddler knows that shopping of any kind becomes a headache quickly. Your delightful two year old goes from simply chattering to asking for every. single. thing. I suffered through it for years with my first five kiddos. Now I am nearly incapable of running errands with my youngest two or three in tow. I don’t buy them stuff on a whim, so I’m still unsure where the “I want all the things” comes in. Maybe it’s just toddlers and that’s that.

Hubby and I had to make a quick stop into Walmart the other day. Okay, that’s ridiculous. There’s no such thing as “quick” and “Walmart,” just as there’s no such thing as spending less than $500 at Costco when all you need is honey. Anyway, Walmart. We decided to take the youngest 3 in with us instead of leaving them in the car (yes with AC on, calm down). We figured since usually it’s just me running around, surely two of us can handle them. Nightmare. I did try to warn him but he didn’t believe me. Oh well.

After being asked every second for things like dental floss and pink plates to candy and clothes and shoes, coloring books and toys (we got lost trying to find our items)… we were both ready to scream.

But the last part of all shopping experiences is the worst, hands down: checkout in the evil product placement aisle.

The youngest, my beautiful, busy 3 year old, gasped and shrieked, “A TROLL!! A PINK troll!!! PLEASE?!”

At this point, hubby had enough and issued a firm “No!”

She sat in the cart quietly for about 4 seconds.

“I’m sorry. I love you so much. Can I hug you?” She asked.

Ugh, he’s such a sucker. He fell for that hook line and sinker. He hugged her happily and told her how much he loved her too.

“Can I have a dollar?” she asked sweetly. And do you know what happened next? He gave her the dollar!

We turned out of the checkout and I began scolding him for giving in to her after we told her no for the last 30 minutes. But I was cut off by said 3 year old…

“Can we go back and buy the pink troll with my dollar?”