Pre Christmas Fun

The weather has been GREAT! I hate the cold, so a December full of 70 degree weather is a good month 🙂

My six year old was bummed when he couldn’t go swimming.  He simply didn’t believe that it would be an unpleasant and  cold experience. Although, later in the day, I did allow him to get in the pool – you know, to prove my point; )  He wasn’t in very long before realizing that while the air was warm, the water was not.


We had a contest to see who could best pull off a brown wig.  Some members don’t want to be pictured, so here’s a few of us:


Baby took her first bites of food from her dear grandfather ♡♡♡


And finally, my sister dug up an old picture of my now eight year old daughter in her Christmas dress many years ago. She had a runny nose that winter, and the camera caught her in mid wipe at just the right moment….



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