Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you, Charles French, for nominating me for this award.  I look forward to your posts on reading, writing, and film insight.  There is so much about blogging that I enjoy – the creative outlet it provides; the chance to meet others and share, discuss, and sometimes collaborate with; and ultimately, to better myself through this expression and learning from others.

Rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

• Post an image of the award.
• Thank the person who nominated you and their blog, and link back to that blog.
• Explain briefly how you started your blog.
• Give a piece of advice to fellow bloggers.
• Nominate other bloggers for the award–as many as you wish, and notify them of their nomination.

About five years ago, I told a friend that I would like to start a blog, but that I didn’t know what I would base it on.  She is an amazing raw food, ex-pat mommy blogger.  She said, “You have four children!  You could write about that!”  I still didn’t think that blogging about my kids was material enough, so more time went on.  But still, I missed writing!  And in the meantime, I found myself constantly entertained, or going crazy, over the things my kids did.  And thus began my first blog: Today’s Dose of Sanity.  It was more or less an outlet for me.  After awhile, I started up a few more blogs: one mainly dedicated to poetry, one for homeschooling, one about raw food and healthy eating, and one about my Orthodox Christian faith.

I don’t really have advice for anyone looking to start a blog or to improve upon one already in existence other than BEGIN!  Write often!  You will find your voice; you will find your audience; and you will find your passion.  But first you must begin!

My nominees are :

Phil Brewer – he is an entrepreneur, writer, pilot, adventurer, and everything else a boy wishes they could be.

Aaron – a writer who didn’t know he was one.  An avid reader.  An intellectual.  My best friend and critic.

Rachel – I just stumbled upon your blog of hilarious sarcasm and I can’t get enough!

All Things Chronic – What doesn’t this blog cover?  I look forward to each piece, be it news or personal accounts.

My Two Sentences – The most beautiful stories  written in only two sentences.  I aspire to be half as good as you someday!

The Lightning and the Fire  -I love your beautiful, passionate poetry!

Simon – From daily quotes, comic strips, personal accounts, to sci-fi story shorts, is there anything he can’t blog about??


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