Food Stories

My children are privileged enough to grow up eating weird things and following strange eating habits.  And yes, I maintain that this is, in fact, a privilege. Not every kid’s mom fries up tofu for lunch!  Or vegan tacos in a coconut or jicama or lettuce wrap.  Other kids have to settle for corn or flour.  BOR-ING!

raw tacos

So today I offered to make the following lunch – chocolate peanut butter milkshakes.  Of course, this is not an ordinary milkshake.  It’s actually raw almond butter blended with several bananas and raw cacao powder.  It’s quite delicious!


But my dear second child wanted to inquire about the ingredients.  He’s never the “just eat it and be happy you have food” type.

“Are you going to put those cockroaches in it?”

1st child, responding in laughter: “You mean dates?”

“Yeah, those.  They look like roaches!”

My poor privileged children… sigh.

In case you’re curious, dates are not a part of this recipe, although I do use them quite often as a sweetener.


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