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Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you, Charles French, for nominating me for this award.  I look forward to your posts on reading, writing, and film insight.  There is so much about blogging that I enjoy – the creative outlet it provides; the chance to meet others and share, discuss, and sometimes collaborate with; and ultimately, to better myself through this expression and learning from others.

Rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

• Post an image of the award.
• Thank the person who nominated you and their blog, and link back to that blog.
• Explain briefly how you started your blog.
• Give a piece of advice to fellow bloggers.
• Nominate other bloggers for the award–as many as you wish, and notify them of their nomination.

About five years ago, I told a friend that I would like to start a blog, but that I didn’t know what I would base it on.  She is an amazing raw food, ex-pat mommy blogger.  She said, “You have four children!  You could write about that!”  I still didn’t think that blogging about my kids was material enough, so more time went on.  But still, I missed writing!  And in the meantime, I found myself constantly entertained, or going crazy, over the things my kids did.  And thus began my first blog: Today’s Dose of Sanity.  It was more or less an outlet for me.  After awhile, I started up a few more blogs: one mainly dedicated to poetry, one for homeschooling, one about raw food and healthy eating, and one about my Orthodox Christian faith.

I don’t really have advice for anyone looking to start a blog or to improve upon one already in existence other than BEGIN!  Write often!  You will find your voice; you will find your audience; and you will find your passion.  But first you must begin!

My nominees are :

Phil Brewer – he is an entrepreneur, writer, pilot, adventurer, and everything else a boy wishes they could be.

Aaron – a writer who didn’t know he was one.  An avid reader.  An intellectual.  My best friend and critic.

Rachel – I just stumbled upon your blog of hilarious sarcasm and I can’t get enough!

All Things Chronic – What doesn’t this blog cover?  I look forward to each piece, be it news or personal accounts.

My Two Sentences – The most beautiful stories  written in only two sentences.  I aspire to be half as good as you someday!

The Lightning and the Fire  -I love your beautiful, passionate poetry!

Simon – From daily quotes, comic strips, personal accounts, to sci-fi story shorts, is there anything he can’t blog about??

Happy Thanksgiving!


Food Stories

My children are privileged enough to grow up eating weird things and following strange eating habits.  And yes, I maintain that this is, in fact, a privilege. Not every kid’s mom fries up tofu for lunch!  Or vegan tacos in a coconut or jicama or lettuce wrap.  Other kids have to settle for corn or flour.  BOR-ING!

raw tacos

So today I offered to make the following lunch – chocolate peanut butter milkshakes.  Of course, this is not an ordinary milkshake.  It’s actually raw almond butter blended with several bananas and raw cacao powder.  It’s quite delicious!


But my dear second child wanted to inquire about the ingredients.  He’s never the “just eat it and be happy you have food” type.

“Are you going to put those cockroaches in it?”

1st child, responding in laughter: “You mean dates?”

“Yeah, those.  They look like roaches!”

My poor privileged children… sigh.

In case you’re curious, dates are not a part of this recipe, although I do use them quite often as a sweetener.

Sleepy Dog Nights (Part IV)

We decided to buy our dog a bed last night. We spared no expense when purchasing, and selected a bed with a cushy memory foam inside. Doggy would be happy. But as soon as we got home and directed Dog to her new bed, the littlest boy jumped in too. They made quite a sweet pair, curled up together ♡





Little Linus

Some babies carry around blankies – I’ve had three who did.

But I guess other babies, like my nearly two year old, prefer their pillow.


It seems to come in handy for little naps here and there!










Oh Oxford….

Oxford just announced its 2015 word of the year. Actually, it’s not a word. For the first time ever, a pictograph has been selected. Does anyone else feel we’ve just stepped back a few thousand years???

The winning title goes to an emoji by the name of “Tears of Joy.”


According to Oxford, this emoji was selected as the “‘word’ that best reflected the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.”

And I thought the new dictionary words were bad!  This is a tragic new low…

Mommy’s New Toy

I’m so excited and thankful about my new stroller! Our church and family generously pulled together to buy this awesome, huge TRIPLE jogging stroller ♡