Your Life is Not Your Own

I love family related blogs. The crazier the day, the more fun it is to write about later. This site never disappoints!


A colleague sat down in my office yesterday to vent. His woman is going to bring a child into the world in 16 weeks.

“I am a little perturbed,” he said.

I’ll bite…”Why?”

“I find that I am spending all of my time doing stuff for others and none for myself” he laments.

“At work?” I ask.

“No. With my girlfriend. I have to go shopping for this baby. I have to convert my office into a baby room. I have to paint. I have to go to doctor appointments. I have to help her with this and that. It sucks.”

“Ohhhhhh. Well” I say, “You are having a baby, señor. Your life is no longer your own. But, I have to say, I assumed you would have understood that having a child means that your life as you know it is over.”

I mean is this not obvious? Do…

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