When Mommy Gets the Day Off


This was me, on my way to the Texas Renaissance Festival with the hubby, my sister and her hubby and another sister (was that confusing?). My parents  generously agreed to watch ALL SEVEN KIDS (yes, even baby baby) while we ran off for the day.

Men get to go to work and hang out with big people most days. But us mommies get to  try our hand at awkward small talk with the other park mommies. It’s usually an embarrassing explosion of attempted adult conversation interrupted by the policing of children.

So what happens when Mommy actually gets to go out for the day with adults and without kids?

First, we walked into Academy on Texas A&M game day, past fifty or so Aggie colored game goers… past the aisles of Aggie maroon everything and asked where the UT gear is. Ya, know, their biggest rival?  Just to shake things up 🙂 Ah the death glares!

We walked into the parking lot past  (I’m serious, and if you’re a Texan you know I am) Aggie maroon cars and yelled “Hook em horns!”

We left before being shot, thankfully 😉
I’m not really a trouble maker, as one lady suggested, just can be without my kids to keep me in line ♡






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