Creative Writing Exercise

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My cousin has very generously shared his recent assignments from a creative writing workshop he’s currently in. The most recent challenge I really enjoyed, as it took me from my normal writing subjects (me, kids, feelings). I think it would also serve as an excellent assignment for kids.

The subject is color and the writer is the voice of the color. The assignment should be no more than 250 words, and within a 5-10 minute time frame. Obviously, the duration and length of writing can be tailored around younger student’s abilities.

We both chose the color red, but I think did something very different with the same color, while some qualities of the color cannot be ignored and found themselves in both our writings.

Have fun!


Take me to the salsa club; I’ll sashay around and above your hips, energizing your dance moves. Wear me on your lips as we dine in fine company; leave me behind on your wine glass or lover’s mouth. I know you’ll reapply me soon… I am electric and lively, bold and brilliant. Delicate on a rose. Adrenaline on a Lamborghini. I am the deadly warning on the black widow spider, yet the life in oxygenated blood cells. I’m as beautiful as I am dangerous. What songwriter or poet hasn’t used me to convey desire and power? I am unapologetic, even as I flow from you. Spill me over the battle fields of history, yet man’s thirst for me will never be satiated. I am not evil though, no. For I am warmth in the roaring fire; the fantasy of all men and the empowerment of the shy woman. I am life within you. I will be noticed.  I am red – always worn with purpose.


Royal, regal, important, and powerful. I’m fast; I’m bright; and I’m hot. I’m revealing of inner humanity. I am the most brilliant of colors. Every painter has me on his palate. I am primary. I am a stand out in all of the classic paintings. Men adorn their dress with me, to take in the power that I exude. Men are not alive without me. I am the finest of wines, the standout in every salad. The finest juices broadcast their nectar with my semblance. The hummingbird despises any flower who does not know my beauty–for my ambrosia is the most exquisite.

I am both life and death. If my color does not run through your veins, you have passed to another age. If I fall from your body through the sword, your soul will flee also, for it does not want to reside without me. Jesus chose my wine as the that which should be remembered by all.

More of me upon woman’s lips produces a quenching thirst for them upon his own.

I broadcast all emergencies. The important buttons take my countenance. I demand attention. You will stop and take notice when you see me. Your heroes are no heroes at all without me. Santa Claus would lose his luster without me, for a suit of any other demands no notice.

I am resplendent.

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