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Creative Writing Exercise

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My cousin has very generously shared his recent assignments from a creative writing workshop he’s currently in. The most recent challenge I really enjoyed, as it took me from my normal writing subjects (me, kids, feelings). I think it would also serve as an excellent assignment for kids.

The subject is color and the writer is the voice of the color. The assignment should be no more than 250 words, and within a 5-10 minute time frame. Obviously, the duration and length of writing can be tailored around younger student’s abilities.

We both chose the color red, but I think did something very different with the same color, while some qualities of the color cannot be ignored and found themselves in both our writings.

Have fun!


Take me to the salsa club; I’ll sashay around and above your hips, energizing your dance moves. Wear me on your lips as we dine in fine company; leave me behind on your wine glass or lover’s mouth. I know you’ll reapply me soon… I am electric and lively, bold and brilliant. Delicate on a rose. Adrenaline on a Lamborghini. I am the deadly warning on the black widow spider, yet the life in oxygenated blood cells. I’m as beautiful as I am dangerous. What songwriter or poet hasn’t used me to convey desire and power? I am unapologetic, even as I flow from you. Spill me over the battle fields of history, yet man’s thirst for me will never be satiated. I am not evil though, no. For I am warmth in the roaring fire; the fantasy of all men and the empowerment of the shy woman. I am life within you. I will be noticed.  I am red – always worn with purpose.


Royal, regal, important, and powerful. I’m fast; I’m bright; and I’m hot. I’m revealing of inner humanity. I am the most brilliant of colors. Every painter has me on his palate. I am primary. I am a stand out in all of the classic paintings. Men adorn their dress with me, to take in the power that I exude. Men are not alive without me. I am the finest of wines, the standout in every salad. The finest juices broadcast their nectar with my semblance. The hummingbird despises any flower who does not know my beauty–for my ambrosia is the most exquisite.

I am both life and death. If my color does not run through your veins, you have passed to another age. If I fall from your body through the sword, your soul will flee also, for it does not want to reside without me. Jesus chose my wine as the that which should be remembered by all.

More of me upon woman’s lips produces a quenching thirst for them upon his own.

I broadcast all emergencies. The important buttons take my countenance. I demand attention. You will stop and take notice when you see me. Your heroes are no heroes at all without me. Santa Claus would lose his luster without me, for a suit of any other demands no notice.

I am resplendent.

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More Doggy Stories (Part III)

I’m sure it’s getting a little old by now, but this was too adorable not to share.  I’ll try to stop posting about my little boy and the puppies…. unless he does something else ridiculously cute 😉

He very carefully filled the food bowls with dirt. It actually took him about ten minutes, which is an impressive amount of time for an 18 month old. Then he carried the bowl slowly up the stairs, so as not to spill, and “fed” the puppies. They sniffed at it and sniffed at him. Then he tried to assist them by pulling some dirt out of the bowl and putting it on the ground.





Boy and Dogs Part II

I’m sorry, but I just can’t get enough of these guys! Photos and puppies, courtesy of my sister. The precious little boy is all mine ♡♡♡





A Boy and His Dog (Another Picture Story)

Here is my adorable, always smiling one year old:

m2My sister and brother in law have been spending a lot of time with us, and as a result, so have their puppies:

two beautiful Great Pyrenees siblings:

m3This little boy LOVES these dogs.  It’s torture for him to be pulled in at night for bedtime.  He would literally sleep on the dogs, if allowed…

6 5 47Last year, during our chaotic move, we left our dog with my sister until we could take her back again.  And today, my brother in law brought her home!!  The kids could not be happier… especially my littlest boy.  He sweetly brought them all his beloved ball to share 🙂

2 31

A Story in Pictures

sisters youngOnce upon a time, there were five sisters.

5 girlsAs time went on, the sisters grew up to be beautiful young women.

Many men sought their hand in marriage… but that’s getting off subject.

5The youngest of the five grew to be quite lovely and glamorous…

While the older sister… well, umm, she had a bunch of kids.  Like seven, at last count.

1But she longed to be glamorous and beautiful too,

so she grabbed back her baby and tried to take a pretty picture…

But she was sadly out of practice and it was all quite awkward.

4Her attempts were uncomfortable… even for her baby.

3It just got worse…


wineI wish I could say the story had a happy ending and a

beautiful picture was finally captured, but alas, that was not the case.

But there was wine.  THE END!

Before the Day Begins… Breathe Part III

Less than ten hours ago, my little three year old had been having a very rough day. They happen here and there, and oftentimes, I cannot figure out the initial source of the problem, so to speak. Maybe for the small, autistic child, the trigger can be as simple as not enough sleep, or as big as a series of frustrating,  unvocalized events.

But for now, my sweet little one is sleeping peacefully in my bed. I think all children have the countenance of angels when asleep, but his face seems more at peace than my others.

Yesterday was just a frustrating day for him. I also made the mistake of taking him to Michael’s craft store before lunch and naptime. I put him in the cart and all was well… until we got to the checkout line. It was there that he fixated on some giant letters and had to have them. I had forgotten to buckle him into the cart, and suddenly found myself scrambling to keep him from a nasty fall. He saw the letters and had to have them…

With a baby strapped to me, I tried to wrangle my very strong, and now determined child.  Getting him back into the cart was impossible at this point. And keeping him upright quickly became impossible too. He threw himself to the floor while I held to his arm. He screamed as if someone was hurting him. The line around me was awkwardly silent. Only The little boy in front of us spoke – he told his mommy that my child was being a very bad boy.

I should have just left. I’ve done it many times before… stores, appointments, other places… but selfishly, I was also determined to make my purchase. And I did, with much difficulty and more awkwardness from the lady checking me out.

We made it out of the store, but getting him into the car seat was another battle. This child is strong. Once he was in, he sat there sucking his thumb, his breathing heavy and labored. I put the baby in and helped my daughter in, then I sat down. To collect myself. To breathe. I was shook up as much as the child in the seat behind me.

But when I looked back at him, there was something that makes me cry as I write this and as I look at him still sleeping peacefully… his eyes were calm, not wild as one may assume after such a struggle.  In fact, it was through those beautiful, calm and peaceful eyes that he spoke to me without saying a word. I can’t really describe it… maybe another mommy out there has experienced something similar. But it was almost a look of relief. He wanted out of that store as much as I wanted to disappear from it. He was safe and calm in our car now, despite his fight to get there.

We sat a few more minutes, just looking at each other without me saying a word. He kept perfect eye contact. And when he finally turned away to look out the window, I knew he had “said” enough, and we could drive away.

Clothes You Won’t See My Kids In

I wonder if these are supposed to be a joke? But even then??? So first we have a selection of Wal-Mart onesies:






And then we have a nice selection for LITTLE GIRLS. Can I just say,  “As if!” My seven year old is NOT a hopeless romantic!



You Know You Have Five Boys…

…when they strap homemade military gear to stuffed cows!



Disclaimer: This is funny. It’s not violent and I don’t have violent kids. I have creative boys. So laugh or move on!