A Walk and a Little Extra

I apologize for the last, blank post by this same title.  Stupid technology.  ANYWAY, we’ll try again 🙂

This is not the most exciting story ever told, but I thought it neat and wanted to share.

After I had put littlest baby to sleep for a nap, I got the next two above her ready for a walk and into the double jogger.  As I was on my way out, my daughter asked if she could come along.

“I’m walking hard and fast and for an hour.  Are you sure you want to come?”

“I’ll keep up!”  she promised, and grabbed her flip flops and sparkly dog purse.  I laughed and told her she wouldn’t be needing her purse, as we wouldn’t be shopping while on our walk.  But she insisted that “Sparkle” come too, so we set off.

She proved to be very good company, chattering away the whole time.

After awhile, we passed a garage sale.  I said, “I guess I was wrong!  Looks like you might have use for money on a walk.”  We kept on, talking about the tents they had for sale and when would we go camping again.  A few blocks later… another garage sale!  This display was a little less impressive than the last, but as we walked past, I spotted a Easy Bake kid oven.  I have always wanted to get one for her, and I always wanted one as a kid, too.  So I asked the lady to hold onto it for us and we would come back after our walk to pick it up.

Our walk continued.  It was high sun and pretty hot, and my daughter told me how she wished she could pour her water bottle on her head to cool off.  But then she would be thirsty…  A block later, we came upon a man hosing down his boat.

“I wonder if he would spray me?”  she whispered with a giggle.  I told her to ask!  And so we asked him.  As soon as he was certain she was serious, he sprayed her feet gently and let her put her hands and face in as well.

We made it back home, grabbed $5, jumped into the air conditioned car and went back for the baker 🙂

Yana easy bake


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