My eyes are twitching.

Number seven has done me in.

My nature is, well, borderline neurotic when it comes to order and cleanliness. I can’t stand messes and stacks of stuff  (unless it’s my stack that I neatly stacked). Things must have a place and that place is not the floor. I can’t stand the kitchen being gross or kids running around with breakfast still on their faces and shirts. Neurotic.

But now that I have seven, five of which are 7 and under, with a toddler that’s active enough for three toddlers, a newborn and a very active 18 month old, my organized way of life is upside down.

The new order is two toddlers without clothes, covered in popsicle goop running around in the backyard shrieking. Forts upstairs made from every piece of furniture and blanket available. A kitchen completely wrecked and covered in the ingredients from my latest raw creation. Laundry piles all over my room – I don’t remember which are clean and dirty. Oh, and it’s 3 and I’m still in my bathrobe.

So what am I doing while chaos ensues about me? Blogging. Because otherwise I’d lose my marbles 🙂


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