Sweet, quiet nights filled with brand new you and me;
Soft, tender shadows of your head against my shoulder;
Gentle, peaceful movements with your every tiny breath;
Precious, fleeting moments of this time in motherhood…


6 responses to “Newborns

  • awb74

    The moments are fleeting, so do your best to enjoy them now.

  • threehandsoneheart

    Beautiful photo. Beautiful memories. They grow so quickly!

    • Laura

      Thank you! Yes, they do. I can’t believe my oldest is 14 and taller than me!

      • threehandsoneheart

        Those quiet, middle of the night feedings were always my favorite. There we no distractions from just being two people in the space of caring for eachother. It has it’s own special magic. As I watch Ben run in circles with a Minecraft sword looking for creepers, I wonder if we’ll ever have moments like that again. I know that we will, they have just grown and changed.

      • Laura

        Yes, they’ll be different… Right before reading this, I was reminding myself of quiet nights with my now three year old (very active, intelligent, autistic). Because just moments ago, disaster struck! He can break through child locks and got into the big boys’ room, climbed the dresser and splashed about in the fish tank… deep breath! On a mission now to find something stronger!

  • Sandra

    How beautiful…and how wonderful to cherish those moments when I’m sure you are exhausted because they last such a short time

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