Breathe Part Two…

As we settle into nine, I struggle to find balance. This is not out of the ordinary, regardless of how many children one has. None to one is the biggest adjustment. Three to four means the sedan no longer provides enough seats. Six to seven is the same. A newborn baby, with all her joy and blessings, takes a period of adjustment.

Fortunately, my kids have always welcomed the newest sibling without missing a beat. They are excited about the new baby and loving.

Fortunately, I don’t have debilitating postpartum depression. Down days? Yes. Days plagued with complete exhaustion? Of course! Days when I think this is impossible? Again, yes. But child rearing IS impossible without God.
I reached out to a friend who is also a mother of seven. Her youngest is a few months older than mine. I asked how do you manage? I’m overwhelmed today! She was loving and comforting in her simple words of advice and wisdom. YES she is overwhelmed oftentimes. Focus on the things we can do as opposed to those we cannot. Things that can be let go, let go.


I struggle greatly with these two things! As much as I know she is right… as much as I know I do plenty in a day… It never seems to be enough in my mind. I want my home clean. I want to put on makeup. I want to be able to take my kids out daily… and not just the backyard. But finding the balance…

I planned today to take the kids to the pool. Yes, all seven. I’ve been saying I would for days. Finally, at 5pm, I sat them down and said I simply could not manage that right now. I watched and listened to their disappointment as I offered up the splash playground as an alternative. I threw in a trip to the frozen yogurt shop to “sweeten” the deal. But then baby awoke; I fed her.  Changed more diapers, etc.  Then it was 6pm and time to make dinner.


I put some fish in warm water to thaw and sat for a moment to color (a picture of fish, ironically). Then baby cried again… So I put her on my lap and began writing this. Mainly because at first I was feeling defeated again. Another day gone. But I wrote to remind myself…


Yes, some days will be slow. Others overly booked. Some days will be downright difficult. But each day is good. And I’m grateful.

Even as I remind myself to just breathe.


7 responses to “Breathe Part Two…

  • awb74

    First, that is actually my favorite verse of the Bible. I love it, it says so much in so few words. Yet it simply tells us everything on how to live. Second, I admire what you do. I know so many who are overwhelmed with two or three and have maids and help galore, and they claim they can do nothing because of their kids. They keep them in programs all the time to give themselves time. They don’t cook like you do and they certainly don’t even attempt homeschooling. You really do it all. I admire you so much: you’re simply amazing! Bravo!

    • Laura

      I’m humbled by your compliments, though I don’t feel deserving of them. Thank you!

      • On The Go Mommy

        Love the verse. I’ve started our family on memorizing verses weekly so it’s imbedded in our hearts wherever we are. I think it’s inspiring what you said about focusing on what we CAN do! we are so busy all the time! Before summer started I looked at our calendar and we literally have something every weekend! So yes, we need to breathe and be thankful for every day the Lord gives us because one day our little ones will be grown up and our house will be quiet with no toys to pick up. We might miss the mess then 🙂

      • Laura

        Yes, I try to remind myself how very short and precious this time is. I know the silence and lack of toys will be hard when the kids are grown… until the grandkids come! But that’s some serious forward thinking 😉

      • On The Go Mommy

        Haha yes it is but I’ve had the same thought. Scary to think we could be raising our kids still while our older ones have their babies. 🙂

  • pwbrewer

    Yes, you are amazing. And a great inspiration!

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