Daily Adventures

It seems this year has been plagued with illnesses, or at the very least, a ridiculous amount of doctor visits. For usually healthy kids, clinics and antibiotics were becoming our new normal.

As I sat a few weeks ago in the doctor’s office for two kids with strep, I tried to count how many times we’d been. My oldest had strep twice. My second had strep twice, another nasty sickness twice, minor surgery (and it’s pre and post op visits), and a stomach virus. My third magically missed sicknesses requiring office visits. My fourth had strep twice, and a stomach bug, strep for the next two down as well as the tummy bug, and I had strep once. Never mind how many non-sick prenatal appointments!  New baby has already been hospitalized for a virus and she’s only two weeks old!

We are not gross or dirty people. I clean and do laundry and all that good stuff. But I guess new city, new house, new germs and public school instead of homeschool just did our little immune systems in.


So on day 9,000 of Mommy leaving us, I was determined to do just a few small errands on my own. You know, the kind that don’t matter, like groceries and the bank. And FINALLY at five PM, naps were done, etc., and we were dressed and ready to go. I even felt halfway decent looking, postpartum-ly speaking. Then the three year old decided to vomit everywhere, out of the blue. And sweet baby decided she didn’t like her outfit, so she pooped in it.

I cleaned barf and poop. I changed my clothes back to lounge around the house attire.

Maybe in a few years I’ll make it out of the house…

Until then, a healthful salad and glass of wine is my comfort food 🙂



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