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Daily Adventures

It seems this year has been plagued with illnesses, or at the very least, a ridiculous amount of doctor visits. For usually healthy kids, clinics and antibiotics were becoming our new normal.

As I sat a few weeks ago in the doctor’s office for two kids with strep, I tried to count how many times we’d been. My oldest had strep twice. My second had strep twice, another nasty sickness twice, minor surgery (and it’s pre and post op visits), and a stomach virus. My third magically missed sicknesses requiring office visits. My fourth had strep twice, and a stomach bug, strep for the next two down as well as the tummy bug, and I had strep once. Never mind how many non-sick prenatal appointments!  New baby has already been hospitalized for a virus and she’s only two weeks old!

We are not gross or dirty people. I clean and do laundry and all that good stuff. But I guess new city, new house, new germs and public school instead of homeschool just did our little immune systems in.


So on day 9,000 of Mommy leaving us, I was determined to do just a few small errands on my own. You know, the kind that don’t matter, like groceries and the bank. And FINALLY at five PM, naps were done, etc., and we were dressed and ready to go. I even felt halfway decent looking, postpartum-ly speaking. Then the three year old decided to vomit everywhere, out of the blue. And sweet baby decided she didn’t like her outfit, so she pooped in it.

I cleaned barf and poop. I changed my clothes back to lounge around the house attire.

Maybe in a few years I’ll make it out of the house…

Until then, a healthful salad and glass of wine is my comfort food 🙂


Good Deeds

Today, as mentioned in my previous post, was our first day without Grandma. Now I must say, it wasn’t a full day alone, as she got up the kids, made breakfast, cleaned a bit and left before noon. But it felt like all day!

Anyway, I had to go to the bank and a store after naps. I was a bit apprehensive, but thankfully, I have good helpers higher on the age totem pole.

Bank was easy. Thank God for drive throughs! Wal-Mart, where I had promised to take the kids so they could blow  their allowance/birthday money (yes, I’m a glutton for pain), was another story. I strapped bitty baby to my chest, bigger baby in the child seat of the shopping cart, and the three year old I dumped in its basket. Okay! Now into the store. But just as I was about to ask my ten year old for assistance, a lady a few cars down beat me to it. She motioned for my son to come to her and help with something. I trailed directly behind.

“I have all these bags,” she began saying as she grabbed out hundreds of plastic store bags from her trunk and stuffing them into my son’s arms. “If you could take them to the recycling can in the store, I’d really appreciate you saving me that trip. It will be your good deed for the day.” My son was very polite and didn’t mind helping. I, on the other hand, was slightly annoyed. After all, I was about to ask for my son’s help.

So we took the arm loads of bags and deposited them in the recycling and went into the store.

The kids picked out their toys (which took F-O-R-E-V-E-R), and we went to pay. When it was the ten year old’s turn, he came up 39 cents short. He had added a bag of Cheetos to his purchase and didn’t have enough. I told him he’d have to put the Cheetos back. But a woman behind us quickly put down a dollar and asked that she be allowed to cover the extra. At first I refused, but she said,  “Please. It will be my good deed for the day.” Strange, right?? So I thanked her, my son thanked her, and we finished our purchase.

As we walked out of the store, I thanked him for helping that first woman. I told him there will not always be a “reward” for helping others, but this was a nice reassurance that any chance for a good deed should be taken.

Saying Goodbye to Mom

Today starts a new normal as the kids and I waved goodbye to Mom/Grandma. She is always such a God send when I have a new baby, giving of herself tirelessly.

She arrived Tuesday, a little over two weeks ago, for the birth of my seventh child. Since then, she took care of the other kids, cooked every meal, cleaned, took them to the parks, library, pool, splash playground and ran various errands for the family.

While I have a beautiful new baby girl to love forever, there is an empty feeling now that my mom has left.

Thank you, Mommy, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our family!

Thank you, Daddy for your visits, hanging out with the older boys and taking them on cool trips! My kids are so blessed to have you both in their lives!  And thank you, Dad, for lending us Mom 😉

Here is my daughter’s thank you card:




For the second time since birth, I brought home my beautiful, brand new baby girl from the hospital. After being admitted for a high fever, all test results came back this morning negative for bacterial infection. She is now at home among her family again, resting comfortably and fever-free.

My seven year old daughter, so happy to finally have a sister, has been very protective and loving. She packed a bag and had Daddy bring her to the hospital yesterday, where she stayed the night with us.


One Week Old

Thank you for this beautiful blessing that joined six other miracles only last Tuesday. Though I had planned to celebrate two other children’s birthdays this week differently, thank you also for those children to celebrate. Thank you for all those who have taken care of us, and all who have prayed for us.


Today there are no pretty clothes,
Siblings smiling in perfect pose.
No up and down throughout the night,
Just a soft glow of the hospital light.
Today is absent of family’s arms
Your perfect skin and newborn charms.
Now you wear a band and IV line
As Mommy watches you with the time.
Today there is no comfy naptime bed,
Against mommy’s chest you sleep instead.
Far away are familiar sounds,
Replaced with the quiet nurse’s rounds.
Today Mommy waits and fever you fight,
Hopefully a battle won before the night
So peaceful rest might you know
Before back home again you go.

Mommy’s on Vacation!

Okay, not really 🙂

Mommy had a baby. Her seventh baby, to be exact. And this time, instead of a home birth or a birth center birth, it was a planned hospital birth. So, a mini vacation! Except I’m desperately missing my other kiddos! I’d never survive a real childless vacation. I can’t even shop alone or I forget what to buy!

Sweet, tiny, snuggly baby girl joined the party yesterday. Her only sister, my seven year old, is on cloud nine. She’s been busily making pictures and cards for mommy and baby sister.


Winner of Contest 1 – Issac & Mom Laura

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see his cute little face in his very own video!

Kids Rhyme Box

Question: What do your kids prefer at bedtime … a story or a song?

Let us now their favourite song or story and we will make an animated video featuring your kid “look-alike”.

And the winner is Issac from Texas. Thankyou Mom Laura for participating in the contest.

We will soon come up with Issac’s favourite nursery rhyme, featuring Issac himself 🙂

Contest 1 Winner

Till than keep watching your favourite Nursery Rhymes on KIDS RHYME BOX

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Prepared – A First for Me

Today is my last doctor appointment before baby arrives. If you’ve read any of my previous posts about office visits, store trips, etc., you know my struggle!

This morning I was a little early for my appointment (another first), so I ran into Target to see what I could grab to hopefully hold the attention and keep the peace while waiting for the doctor this morning. Here’s hoping my loot from the dollar section (of which I’ve also previously blogged my great love for) helps!