Special Words

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My sweet, babbling, mostly non – verbal three year old…. I love him so much. I feel we’ve had a difficult few weeks. Perhaps all the rain and lack of adequate outdoor time has stressed him out. Perhaps his inability to communicate effectively is frustrating him more lately. Regardless, he has had many melt downs that have brought us both to tears. I admit I’ve dreaded going places with him because it has seemed a melt down was inevitable. Yet in between, he is gentle and loving and sweet.

Tonight, he called from upstairs, “Mom!” Usually when he calls for me and I answer, he babbles something in his little language and I make up a reply. But tonight when I answered, he said the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard from him: “I love you!”

He has only said it one other time. After three and a half years of tucking him in and telling him I love him, once he repeated me. It was very special. But tonight, it was completely on his own. I ran up to him, scooped him into my arms and held him.

6 responses to “Special Words

  • NickyB.

    I am teary eyed now…That is beautiful!

  • followechoes

    Such a beautiful post. My youngest daughter is 12 and is non verbal, but does say a few words. Like no, hi, bye and has started to say I did it. Every word that she says feels like a gift 😀

    • Laura

      Thank you. I can only imagine how beautiful each word from your daughter would feel for you 🙂 My almost 14 year old is autistic, and while he could talk, he could not communicate until he was about 8. Special children help us appreciate these things in life we might otherwise take for granted 🙂

      • followechoes

        Ah you’re welcome and thank you 🙂 she uses a tablet to talk, but it has it’s limits. My eldest is also 14 and she has Aspergers. She could talk the hind leg off a donkey as the saying goes, but she still struggles to understand meanings and gets confused easily and takes everything literally. They certainly do make us appreciate things in. Even the smallest thing is a blessing 🙂

      • Laura

        I’ve seen the tablets you’re referring to. At what age did your daughter begin using one?

      • followechoes

        She was about 8/9 when she used devices such as itouch and small tablets but they were limited as for more advanced devices since the age of 10

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