The Kids Are Out to Get Me

I mean really. We left the Orthodox Easter service last night, 90 minutes in, at 11:30 pm. My ten year old, brother in law and sister and my parents stayed through and then participated in the big feast afterwards, probably getting home around 4 am. So I really can’t complain too much. I passed out at 1 am.

But do babies sleep in when they go to bed later? No. They use such mornings to tell me just how much they love me by waking up even earlier than most days. The two in diapers poop extra early. They are hungry and otherwise needier than usual. Every other day of the year, pajamas are just fine to wear all day. But on Easter Sunday? No, they must have their clothes on immediately (which are packed neatly in suitcases).

I guess it’s their way of saying, “Christ is Risen, and so are we. So let’s celebrate!” The earlier the better!

So I did what any tired mom would do and grabbed their oversized Reeses Easter bunnies and fed them.

Now we will go find daddy, who moved to a more peaceful location to continue his beauty rest, and we will wipe our chocolate hands all over him 🙂





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