Eat WHAT?!

While most of the world waits anxiously for Easter services and egg hunts tomorrow, the Orthodox Christian world has yet another week of waiting (don’t feel sorry for us, the candy in our baskets will be purchased at 75% off, come Monday). Nevertheless, we are also anxiously awaiting our Pascha (Easter). What we will eat after nearly fifty days of fasting from meat and dairy. What my daughter will wear. And saving up energy for all the beautiful Holy Week services and the four hour finale of the midnight Resurrection service.

But things came to a halt the other day when I told the kids we would be celebrating the weekend with the grandparents, eating all sorts of goodies, including… LAMB. My seven year old daughter freaked out.

“Lamb?! Do you know what that is?  Little baby sheep! I’m NOT eating lamb!” She simply couldn’t let it go. At bedtime last night she said more defiantly that she is not eating a poor, helpless lamb. Today she got on the computer and looked up lamb pictures and called me in.  “This is what lambs are! How can you eat a lamb? They are just happy running around in the grass and someone just kills them!”

She’s a passionate one! I guess I should have known…. I seem to recall a similar conversation about deer….


One response to “Eat WHAT?!

  • mrsmommyjohnson

    LOL! That’s great. I’m pretty sure I’d react the same way. I’m fine with eating the grown ones but not the babies.

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