Happiness Is a Box of Crayons

A few years back, I read an article on Yahoo about 100 ways to boost your mood. I cannot seem to find it now. However, I only remember the number one suggestion. Perhaps because it wasn’t what I thought would top such a list geared toward adults. But mostly because of its simplicity. Coloring! Suggested media: crayons. And I have to admit, there is something very relaxing about coloring, whether in a goofy cartoon book with the kids or just on a blank sheet of paper alone.

My kids all love coloring. Baby loves eating crayons still, but I have confidence he’ll outgrow that soon.

So for happiness, grab a kid, box of Crayolas, some paper, and get started!







2 responses to “Happiness Is a Box of Crayons

  • annabellefranklinauthor

    Colouring can be really relaxing and therapeutic, especially colouring mandalas. I’ve got a book of mandalas to colour in – now I just need to get the crayons to colour them in with! I’m looking for some really intense neon-bright ones…

  • frenchc1955

    The town I grew up in has the main Crayola factory and a crayola museum–children and their families come from around the world to see it. Yes, crayons are wonderful!!

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