Return of the Endless Conversations (and TMNT)


As many parents know, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t disappear with the 80’s. I haven’t been privileged enough yet to see the summer’s remake of the pizza eating, sewer dwelling, namesakes of famous dead painters. I am aware of a major tweak to the story in the form of drop dead gorgeous Megan Fox. Maybe that was to help ease the pain for dads being dragged into theaters to watch the movie. But I could be wrong. I never was a fan, after all. In between being asked for the umpteenth time to rent it, I’ve also been asked if I like them, why don’t I, etc. Finally, I had to cut through the sugar coated nos and just have the following conversation:

10 year old: “Why don’t you like them?”
Me: “Because they’re giant turtles. Acting like ninjas. It’s stupid. I mean think about it.”
10 year old thinking for a minute.
“There’s a movie about a mutant dog… would you like that movie?”

Sigh. Some conversations just have no ending.


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