Day One (or is it Two or Three?)

Last night we slept in our new house, surrounded by towers of boxes. And yes, I slept, thankfully! The kids were in their clothes for the second night in a row because a) I couldn’t find the pajamas and b) I’m just never going to be an organized mama. We ate juice boxes for dinner because the fridge grew mold in storage and we didn’t get groceries because we had not yet cleaned it (status update: oh, there isn’t one. It’s still not clean). More Capri Suns for breakfast because, well, I explained that already.


The kids have their toys because I DID unpack all that stuff. And they have been drinking sugar water (don’t worry, my order for raw milk is set for Saturday and by then the fridge might be clean and all will be right again).

The two year old whined for a bottle and we served up another Capri Sun. And since he can’t drink juice because it upsets his little belly and then the diaper pail, hubby, half jokingly said, “He can have as many as he wants because it is just sugar and not real juice!”

Better get to the store….And find the toothbrushes.


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