Babes in Birdland

My children love animals. My oldest, from a very young age (before one) would hold a chicken gently in his lap. Puppies would curl up and fall asleep beside him. Now, at 13, his gentle spirit and love for animals has only increased. He reads all he can about the world around him and it’s furry and scaled creatures.


The others equally love animals, although maybe not to the extent of reading every reference material they can get their hands on. But still, their love of animals from a young age shows their innocent, pure hearts.


But I must say, the one that takes the cake currently is my two year old. He LOVES my parents’ bird and steals away to watch him and sing to him every chance he gets. Lately, he’s taken his love to a new level and joins him in the birdcage. The bird, despite what you may think, is calm and happy when my son is with him. They just sit together. And when my son is discovered and removed, the bird seems upset and chirps for his return.



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