A Little of Everything

It’s December 24th (the day before Christmas, in case it slipped someone’s mind). In a week we’ll FINALLY move into our house and this gypsy life will be over. A few days after that, four of my six will go to school for the first time ever and my days of homeschooling will be over. A few months after that, we’ll welcome a seventh child.

These last few months have been a  whirlwind of change, emotions, thoughts and uncertainties. My heart is heavy with the thought of sending the kids off. My mind is weary from all the drama and strain of this move. And my body is once again changing with a growing baby inside. Taking each day, well, one day at a time has not been a phrase to live by, but just the reality of life right now.

There were so many things I wanted to do! I don’t think any of them happened… I didn’t even begin shopping for six kids, a hubby and family members until 9 pm last night!! Just one more gift to get…

And while thinking of everything and nothing, going in and out of stores with no list of gifts in mind, I suddenly remembered something very important!!

My red lipsticks are packed away.

So since I won’t be dressing up (beer gut phase and all) for the Christmas service, I CAN maybe, just maybe grab a gift selfishly for myself 🙂



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