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Day One (or is it Two or Three?)

Last night we slept in our new house, surrounded by towers of boxes. And yes, I slept, thankfully! The kids were in their clothes for the second night in a row because a) I couldn’t find the pajamas and b) I’m just never going to be an organized mama. We ate juice boxes for dinner because the fridge grew mold in storage and we didn’t get groceries because we had not yet cleaned it (status update: oh, there isn’t one. It’s still not clean). More Capri Suns for breakfast because, well, I explained that already.


The kids have their toys because I DID unpack all that stuff. And they have been drinking sugar water (don’t worry, my order for raw milk is set for Saturday and by then the fridge might be clean and all will be right again).

The two year old whined for a bottle and we served up another Capri Sun. And since he can’t drink juice because it upsets his little belly and then the diaper pail, hubby, half jokingly said, “He can have as many as he wants because it is just sugar and not real juice!”

Better get to the store….And find the toothbrushes.

Sleep, or the Lack Thereof


Insomnia. Another joy of way-too-much- going-on-at-one-time. My alarm is supposed to go off in… Okay I can’t subtract minutes right now because I haven’t the mental capacity. But let’s just say it’s soon.

But the good news is, while I slept not so sleepfully in my hotel bed squished by little people, the little people DID sleep quite sleepfully (and yes, that’s a real word because I just added it to my phone’s dictionary).


So sweet 🙂 there’s nothing quite like listening to the peaceful slumbering sounds of those around you for a hundred hours while tossing and turning in wide eyed wakefulness.

It’s a good thing all I have to do today is move into a new house!

Merry Christmas!

Cooperation before opening presents? No way!

Who am I kidding though? It would take a host of professionals to get that perfect picture. But I think these types of family pictures say it all. Chaos and happiness!!


Babes in Birdland

My children love animals. My oldest, from a very young age (before one) would hold a chicken gently in his lap. Puppies would curl up and fall asleep beside him. Now, at 13, his gentle spirit and love for animals has only increased. He reads all he can about the world around him and it’s furry and scaled creatures.


The others equally love animals, although maybe not to the extent of reading every reference material they can get their hands on. But still, their love of animals from a young age shows their innocent, pure hearts.


But I must say, the one that takes the cake currently is my two year old. He LOVES my parents’ bird and steals away to watch him and sing to him every chance he gets. Lately, he’s taken his love to a new level and joins him in the birdcage. The bird, despite what you may think, is calm and happy when my son is with him. They just sit together. And when my son is discovered and removed, the bird seems upset and chirps for his return.


A Little of Everything

It’s December 24th (the day before Christmas, in case it slipped someone’s mind). In a week we’ll FINALLY move into our house and this gypsy life will be over. A few days after that, four of my six will go to school for the first time ever and my days of homeschooling will be over. A few months after that, we’ll welcome a seventh child.

These last few months have been a  whirlwind of change, emotions, thoughts and uncertainties. My heart is heavy with the thought of sending the kids off. My mind is weary from all the drama and strain of this move. And my body is once again changing with a growing baby inside. Taking each day, well, one day at a time has not been a phrase to live by, but just the reality of life right now.

There were so many things I wanted to do! I don’t think any of them happened… I didn’t even begin shopping for six kids, a hubby and family members until 9 pm last night!! Just one more gift to get…

And while thinking of everything and nothing, going in and out of stores with no list of gifts in mind, I suddenly remembered something very important!!

My red lipsticks are packed away.

So since I won’t be dressing up (beer gut phase and all) for the Christmas service, I CAN maybe, just maybe grab a gift selfishly for myself 🙂


A New Game!

My creative kids are each other’s best friends. They play well together (except when they don’t). This afternoon I heard them at play on a new game:

“Come on!” The five year old yelled to the 13 year old, “let’s play the screaming game!”

I’m sure you can imagine how that one goes…

When Kids Eat Keys

Okay, I don’t think that’s actually what happened, as a key would be rather difficult to swallow… unless you’re this unfortunate person:


But when car keys disappear the day you’re scheduled to move out, enroll them in school, get things notarized,  haul things to storage, then logically it MUST be a kid!! I mean, unless subconsciously I’ve given up and sabotaged myself to the tune of $250 for a replacement, I’m sticking with some elaborate kid story. After all, I do have my pick between six potentially guilty little people.