Time – A Child’s Perspective

I remember the last day of kindergarten. The classes were crazy with anticipation for the day that seemed impossible to ever arrive. A school year lasted F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Repeat until I’m 18? I’ll be dead before I finish school!!!

Good news, I made it through the long years without old age and death getting me first!

Fast forward to now: my 13 year old stood in the kitchen of our temporary rental house, flicking on and off the light. I told him to stop.

“Yeah,” chimed in the 6 year old (who is always on hand for, um, back up). “This house is old! It’s like… TWO YEARS OLD!”

Not to argue, but it’s at least 30. That was unfathomable to her, of course! Maybe they’ll be even more careful, considering it’s nearing old age and disability.


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