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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – A Science Story

My daughter came downstairs the other day with a beautiful headband her aunt and uncle had given her.

“Look, Mom, my hair is not messy because I’m wearing this,” she said proudly. I told her how lovely she looked.

“And guess what? These are real diamonds!” She pointed to the rhinestones adorning the headband.

“Wow!” I replied. “That is a very valuable headband!”

“You want to know how I know they are real?” She eagerly waited for my undivided attention before continuing.

“Well, Christian (the 13 year old walking encyclopedia) said that diamonds are the strongest rock in the world and that nothing can scratch them but they can scratch anything! So, I scraped them against my mirror to see if they would scratch it. And guess what?! They scratched the mirror! They’re real!!”

My apologies to the new homeowners of our house…