Monthly Archives: August 2014

Poem for Baby

I am Michael’s boob,
His walking, breathing feeding tube.
I pacify without a lullaby,
Calm his every midnight cry.
There is no place he cannot munch
When he decides it’s time for lunch.
And when a new tooth begins to glean,
I am Michael’s teething ring.


Ignorance is Bliss

A few weeks ago, I sat outside with my 6 month old, enjoying the warm sun after church.  After some time, my 6-year old daughter and two of her friends came up to smile and play with the baby.  He is a particularly smiley baby, and therefore attracts a lot of attention.

“Look!”  said one of the little girls, “he has freckles on his head!”  She rubbed his head and smiled and made baby noises at him.  My baby grinned proudly.

“Awww,” said the other little girl, “how cute!  Freckles!”  She, too, gave his fuzzy head a rub and smiled at him.

Finally, my daughter said, “No, that’s just cradle cap.  And it’s gross.”