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When Daddy Puts the Kids to Bed

In our house, I usually put the kids to bed.  It is a routine.  There are baths to be had, pajamas to be put on, prayers to be said, and songs to be sung.  With six kiddos, this ritual can take a bit of time, and quite frankly,  I’m exhausted by the end!

Tonight happened to mark a rare occurrence when Daddy did the bedtime duty (to be fair, he took me out to dinner and things were a little “off” as a result).  I had to nurse the upset two month old and it was already late.  The two year old was saying over and over, “Uh bobble (translation: “Give me a bottle!”).  It is as the bottle is being prepared and handed to said two year old that we, as the parents, realize he actually is capable of more words: “I need my bobble!”  he said clearly.  So he got his bottle and was happy.  The other kids ran around the house making noise at an unbearable decibel.

“Can you please get them ready for bed?”  I asked hubby, as I began to nurse the now very upset two month old.  He agreed.  Not more than two minutes later, he came jumping down the stairs.

“What happened?”  I asked.  He said he put the two year old to bed.

“What about the four year old?”

“He knows where his bed is!”  He replied proudly.

“What about prayers?  What about the rest of them??”

“They know where the Lord is!” he said jokingly.  But he did go back up, with a little less skip in his step…

He went into the nine and twelve year olds’ room … “OH GEEZ!  Oh my GOSH!  No, no, nooooo…. just throw that in a basket!”  There was some protesting about Legos and keeping certain constructions and sets together.  “No, GEEZ!  You have so many!  Just throw them in there!!”

Thirty seconds later:  The fastest Lord’s Prayer I have ever heard.

Thirty more seconds… hubby skipped happily down the stairs, and all was quiet upstairs.

“Are you ready to watch a movie?”  he asked.

Sheesh… I’m doing something wrong!