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I’ve Been Nominated! “World’s Greatest Mom Award”

Okay, so I nominated myself.  But when I took a poll with my kids, four out of five said yes!  Hey, they know there is Jell-o in the fridge.  As for the fifth, I’m positive he would have agreed, if old enough to answer.

The nomination was decided and seconded (by me) based on a few simple requirements: How productive of a mommy am I?  How awesome of a mommy am I? And do my kids agree?  That last one I discussed, and it has already been met.


I feed my kids three meals a day.

Sometimes we do school work, but when we don’t I make sure to pay extra attention to their questions that day so as to direct them to the appropriate reference book.

They usually are changed out of their pajamas before it’s time to go back to bed.

They never run out of underwear.


On really productive days (at least a few times a month), I make up my bed so that they can all immediately jump on it and throw the pillows around.

When I am not productive enough to actually make dinner, they get waffles or cereal for dinner (and sometimes lunch, too).

When I am trying to get ready in the mornings and the toddler is climbing up my leg, I give him a lollipop.

Since I am 9 months pregnant with my sixth child, they have seen all the movies on Netflix – a few times.

His Best Mom stamp of approval!

His “Best Mom”  stamp of approval!