Time for a Funny, Witty Moment

My dear husband, always looking out for my weight and health (especially when I’m pregnant and having a sweet tooth moment), went to the store last night and bought a bag of peanut butter snickers, regular snickers and sour patch kids.  I ate my fill last night and woke up feeling guilty.  After a few hours, the guilt subsided and I reached into the cabinet.  Making sure no little eyes were watching, I pulled out a few sour patch kids and popped them into my mouth.

But, I had been spotted by the four-year old.

In a flash, there were four little faces crowding me.

“Okay,” I said, “You each can have a sour patch kid,”

My clever five-year old daughter said, “I think you forgot an ‘s’ at the end of ‘kid’.”  Impressed by her quick and witty response to my obvious stinginess, I handed them each two.



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